Creamy garlic pasta (without the cashews!) (GFO)

It’s hard to believe that I used to literally fear the thought of having a mouthful of pasta let alone a plate of it and boy, am I glad I snapped myself out of it! Carbohydrates… any food in general, should not be feared however in this current day and age where there is always a [food] trend to partake, it’s hard to know what is worthwhile.

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Calendula, rose and lavender body butter

It has been awhile since I posted any of my daily natural and eco-friendly remedies- incorporating my homemade DIY products has become a part of my daily life that it is simply second nature to me and I do not think consciously even think about it sometimes. I have been making my own body moisturisers (click here ) for awhile now and it is only until now that I decided to take it one step further and turn into a soft, luscious body butter. If you have been following me on my other non-food Instagram account (@querencia_naturopathy), you may have seen my calendula and rose infused almond oil that I made several weeks ago.

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Homemade natural body moisturiser

For many years before I transitioned into a natural, organic and more sustainable lifestyle I had been using many commercial products that were not only toxic to my body but often expensive too. Making my own moisturiser has been one of the best DIY choices I have made and not only does my skin love me for it but I am saving money! Using sustainable, economical, natural and cruelty-free products especially if I make it myself is so therapeutic and satisfying.

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