All my recipes are vegan-friendly (with the exception of some recipes using honey however this can be easily substituted or omitted), refined sugar free and can easily be altered to be gluten free ♥


Blueberry, passionfruit, hazelnut and oat crumble (GFO)

Broccoli, herb and mungbean loaf (GF)

“Buttermilk” and buckwheat waffles with blueberry maple coconut yoghurt (GF)

Poached Bosc pears with chia pudding (GF)

Organic muesli with warm almond milk and caramelised bananas

Savoury sweet potato loaf (GF)

Warm oats with baked cinnamon appl


Baked beetroot and lentil falafels (GF)

Baked chilli tempeh nourish bowl (GF)

Baked red lentil and carrot falafels (GF)

Hearty lentil and potato chilli with herby cashew pesto (GF)

Quinoa and tofu sushi rolls (GF)

Roast sweet potato, carrot and broccoli salad with black bean tempeh (GF)

Savoury mung bean and garlic chive pancakes (GF)

Spinach and chickpea tart

Sweet potato nourishbowl with stirfried organic vegetables and lemon tahini (GF)

Warm wild rice and chickpea nourishbowl (GF)

Warm miso barley salad with roast vegetables and lemon tahini (GF)


Baked potatoes with curried borlotti beans and mint raita

Baked Mediterranean quinoa fritters (GF)

Cannellini bean potato bake [soy, nut and seed free!] (GF)

Carrot, hemp seed and cashew pesto with buckwheat pasta

Chickpea curry stuffed heirloom pumpkins (GF)

Creamy polenta and slowcooked lentils (GF)

Creamy pumpkin, chestnut and sage pasta with roasted mushrooms

Hasselback potatoes with chilli chickpeas (GF)

Heirloom squash and carrot soup with homemade chickpea flatbreads (GF)

Homemade flatbreads with chilli chickpeas and crunchy kale chips (GF)

Hummus stuffed mushrooms (GF)
Lemon, roast cauliflower, pumpkin & chickpea fettuccine

Lentil “meatball” pasta

Lentil and roast vegetable lasagna (GF)

Lentil bolognese with wholemeal fusilli

Lentil and mushroom stuffed cabbage rolls (GF)

Miso roasted cauliflower with quinoa and tahini hot sauce (GF)

Mung bean dahl (GF)

Pinto bean cannelloni with bechamel sauce

Potato nachos with smokey beans and cashew mozzarella (GF)

Quinoa pizza with roast vegetables and homemade cashew mozzarella (GF)

Roast cauliflower, carrot and wild rice soup with borlotti beans (GF)

Slowcooked black-eyed bean, pumpkin and broccoli curry (GF)

Slowcooked mushroom and butter beans with steamed artichokes and roast potatoes (GF)

Slowcooked red lentil dahl (GF)

Sweet potato and lentil pie (GF)

Thai tofu and potato curry (GF)


4- ingredient chocolate mint tart (GF)

Banana and chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate, blueberry and oat cookies (GFO)

Calendula, turmeric and chai cookies (GF)

Buckwheat, passionfruit and banana muffins (GF)

Chocolate, banana and turmeric loaf (GF)

Lemon and teff cake (GF)

Lime and coconut custard tart (GF)

Marbled turmeric and pear loaf (GF)

Matcha and chocolate chip cookies (GFO)

No bake rose, tahini and quinoa muesli bars (GF)

Passionfruit, banana and pecan cake (GFO)

Peanut butter brownies with salted caramel (GF)

Zucchini, banana, hazelnut chocolate cake (GF)


Easy plum compote (GF)

Hemp seed dressing (and an outline on seed cycling for women)

Roasted almond butter (GF)