Warm oats with baked cinnamon apples

As the mornings become chillier, the breakfasts become warmer. I used organic, local Sundowner apples in this recipe which definitely brings the Autumn vibes. Served on top of warm oats and topped with activated walnuts, it is perfect.

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Cannellini bean potato bake (nut, soy and seed-free!)

We have all seen the vegan variations of potato-bake on our social media feeds however they usually use a large quantity of cashews, sunflower seeds or tofu. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with these ingredients however it is nice to have an alternate variation. This recipe is nut-free, seed-free and soy-free however remains high in protein thanks to the use of cannelloni beans. As always, I use organic potatoes as conventionally-grown ones are heavily sprayed with pesticides.

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Chickpea curry stuffed heirloom pumpkins

I had the privilege of finding the most stunning heirloom pumpkin and squash at the farmer’s markets on the weekend. Usually I would roast pumpkin in bulk and have it with my lunch or dinners but I decided to create something a little different this time. My curry obsession continues so I decided to stuff these little heirloom pumpkins. I absolutely recommend this dish!

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Baked beetroot and lentil falafels (VG, GF)

Hello again!

I am finally posting the recipe for these delicious falafels which also happens to be one of my most-sought recipes. This recipe utilises the humble beetroot and beluga lentils which when blended together with other flavours and baked, becomes a nourishing and protein-packed snack or part of a meal. I enjoy these cold in summer with a salad in summer or warmed up in the oven during the cooler days. These falafels are perfect for meal prep as they freeze exceptionally well and defrost well too!

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Marbled turmeric and pear loaf (VG, GF)

I’m going to be honest and admit that the marbled look was not my intention however I’m glad it happened because I mean, how lovely does it look! Pears are in season at the moment meaning organic ones are relatively cheap. I love Bosc pear as they are ideal poached, baked or roasted. Bosc pears are an excellent fruit to use in baking as I find they tend to keep their shape and flavour.

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Homemade citrus all-purpose spray

Happy Sunday folks!

I have been making my own citrus all-purpose spray for a while and absolutely recommend it. This homemade all purpose spray is no-waste, economical and toxic-free. After all, many store-bought home cleaners (which often state they are “natural” are loaded with chemicals which in some way or form ends up being breathed into the body or absorbed! This homemade spray utilises the skin of the citrus fruit that I consume on a daily basis, meaning that I do not have to throw them away. I have been blessed to receive unlimited organic, homegrown lemons and limes from my parents as well as parent-in-laws this season for which I am grateful.

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Baked Mediterranean quinoa fritters (VG, GF)

I have made these quinoa fritters numerous times in a variety of different flavours but this Mediterranean fusion is my favourite. Quinoa is a gluten-free pseudograin and is technically a seed. Being a complete protein, it contains all 20 amino acids that are required by the body to function properly.

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