Hello & goodbye… and hello again!

In this day and age, technology surrounds us and amongst all the social media platforms, it was simply too much to keep up with.  To be honest, I arrived at a standstill recently when it came to social media. You may or may not have noticed that my food-focused Instagram account @momentsofdi_ is no longer active. It was a difficult decision to make however I know it was the right thing to do.

I am continuing with what is now my “main” Instagram account (see the homepage for the link on the right hand side) where I will not only share nourishing, plant-based recipes but also my humble, quiet and somewhat-introverted life amongst my beloved plant kingdom, crystals, plants, natural remedies and last but not least, our IVF journey. In regards to @momentsofdi_, I was spending many hours of my day videoing, photographing and preparing ‘gram perfect meals for everyone amongst studying a new degree and working shiftwork as a registered nurse.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it at the time but at the end of the day, I was asking myself- what AM I getting out of this?

I came up with recipes and shared them freely to the world with no expectations of any returns. That was fine by me but I was simply wasting too much of my day and I eventually lost interest. For those foodies who always took a moment to graciously comment or give feedback to my posts and recipes- I am ever so grateful.

Social media can be a place to connect with likeminded souls in genuine ways but it can also be a place where anxiety can be exacerbated as we begin to compare our lives with the “perfect” influencers or those we follow. We are so easily stuck behind a screen for the most part of the day and what do we really gain? Ill let you answer that yourself however I know deep down what we lose. That is the beautiful, physical world that surrounds us! The innocent, playful birds that play aimlessly outside the window, the hustle of the tree branches which are beginning to bloom with Spring goodness, the kind smile or exchange of words from a stranger, enjoying a beautiful meal without the need to photograph it every time and/or enjoying the solo company of your loved ones.

This blog will eventually become more of a health and wellness blog as I slowly complete my BHSc in Naturopathy degree. I am keeping this blog of course and will continue to share my favourite plant-based recipes… so I do not spam my Instagram account too much! Tag along for the ride @querencia_naturopathy ☀

Most of y’all probably do not know that my husband and I have been trying to conceive for many years. During the last six years, we have experienced four early miscarriages (one of them most recently a couple of weeks ago) which as you can imagine, takes its toll on an individual mentally, physically and emotionally. After our third miscarriage, we found out that my husband has a reciprocal balanced translocation of chromosome 7 and 11. This is the reason why the fertility specialist (FS) believes is the cause of the early miscarriages and the reason why we are doing IVF.

3/3/13 our wedding day.
Our furbabes- Frederic the Great Dane and Maddie the Golden Retriever (she doesn’t retrieve anything…)

Although we have no issue falling pregnant, we have the option to continue trying naturally and “hoping” that the embryo doesn’t have any genetic issues however, it is simply something I cannot handle mentally, emotionally or physically. Doing IVF allows us to undergo pre-genetic screening (PGS) to allow us to determine whether the embryos are chromosomally normal or abnormal. We had eight embryos tested, with three coming back normal. The first embryo we transferred resulted in a pregnancy however our joy was short-lived when it ended in a miscarriage, just shy of  seven weeks gestation.

The days are slowly getting brighter for us as each day passes but I thought I would share some tips and tricks for those who have moments of anxiety and sadness or simply having a rough day. One of the most effective ways for me is to simply go outside in the sunshine! I love playing around in my vegetable garden and I find it is the most grounding, especially barefoot.

My calendula plants are beginning to bloom amongst the white chrysanthemums, lavender and jasmine!

❁ Get off social media! Or unfollow any accounts that you simply do not connect with. You want to follow accounts that feel genuine to you- accounts that express positive and humble vibes! For me, I don’t mind Instagram however Facebook gives me massive anxiety for some reason so I try and avoid that. I really only use it to connect with family.

❁Move! No I don’t mean pack up your things and leave. Get outside and go for a walk at a park or nature reserve! Leave your earphones at home and listen to nature instead!

❁Sit down, take five deeeeep breathes. Count to seven on inspiration, and release the breathe for another seven breathes.

❁Go and do a yoga class somewhere. Personally, I love a good vinyasa class and I prefer to do it somewhere I don’t recognise people. That way, I can focus on what I need to do rather than what others think of me. In this day and age, there are so many YouTube accounts with qualified yoga instructions- I love Yoga with Kassandra and Yoga with Chelsea. I also have Amanda Bisk’s app- FBFM which is amazing as it offers different yoga classes for all levels and feels.

We recently renovated the upstairs loft and turned it into my sacred, quiet space.

❁Avoid caffeine. Personally, I am not a caffeine drinker however you want your adrenals to chill and caffeine doesn’t allow that to happen. Make a herbal infusion by steeping organic herbs of your intuition. My favourite at the moment is organic chamomile, lavender, hibiscus, nettle and peppermint which all have healing properties of their own.

Organic rose, chamomile, nettle and mugwort infusion.

❁Treat youself. Treat YOU! It might be a nice bottle of kombucha. Good quality chocolate. A new crystal. A new clothing piece from an *ethical* company. Get your hair done.

Plants are ALWAYS a good idea!
Crystals offer metaphysical properties and if you choose the right ones intuitively, they’ll forever be by your side.

❁Take the time to cook a lovely, healthy meal. Spending time in the kitchen is a way of meditation for me. Surrounded by my diffuser, plants and crystals.

❁Read a good book or magazine. I am loving Tess Guinery’s ‘Apricot Memoirs’ and also ‘Wellbeing’ magazine. Please for the love of yourself, do not waste your money of gossip magazines!

❁Avoid technology before bed.  Do something constructive like… study, read, yoga, meditate.  If you like to Netflix and chill, invest in a pair of blue-light avoiding glasses. I recently purchased a pair of Baxter Blue glasses and gosh they make a MASSIVE difference with eye strain and I have also noticed I sleep better!

❁Speaking of sleeping, get a decent eight hours of sleep every night! Any less or any more and you’ll wake up feeling pretty average.

Make your sleeping area your sacred space!

❁Don’t be afraid to say NO. Sometimes saying no and doing what YOU want to do is the best healing medicine. Trust me, I used to be the passive kinda gal who would say yes to everything thinking I’ll fit in, be liked more etc. Nah, Id rather stay home and chill thanks!

❁Eat well. Im sure you’ve heard it all before… and stay hydrated! 80% of your serotonin is produced in the gut so of course, optimal gut health is absolutely necessary! Fill your diet with plenty of fresh organic produce, nuts and seeds, legumes and sources of monosaturated fats such as avocado. Avoid inflammatory foods including dairy, refined sugar, red meat and processed foods in general.

❁Find your true friends. You will know who they are. Quality over quantity! ☯

Anyway, I apologise for the lengthy and possibly boring post but I felt the urge to release my thoughts this afternoon. Take care and as always, feel free to message/comment on my platforms for a chat.

Much love,

Di ♡

“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists as an idea.” –Buddha.

One thought on “Hello & goodbye… and hello again!”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Di! I followed both your accounts and enjoyed both. Can wholeheartedly see the need to simplify. From one intovert to another, have a beautiful day ❤


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