Calendula, carrot and turmeric chai cookies (GF)

On this day I had lots of organic carrots that I purchased on special. On this day I was craving carrot cake. On this day I was also craving cookies. All healthy and vegan versions of course. Combine all this and I have a tray of carrot cake cookies laden with secret untraditional ingredients- because that’s how I roll….roll into bed with a  belly full of cookies that is!

So these cookies were thrown together in a bowl with a bunch of ingredients I had on hand including organic and dried calendula petals (which I am looking forward to harvesting and drying from the garden again!) and a turmeric chai latte powder. I went through a turmeric chai latte on a daily afternoon basis awhile ago and had a packet laying around. The magic of this specific one also has dandelion root and medicinal mushrooms which I absolutely love daily! As I said, these are simply optional however you can substitute the turmeric latte powder with 1-2 teaspoons of ordinary turmeric + cinnamon if you’d like.**

Calendula flowers (Calendula officinalis) are delightful flowers which usually have orange or yellow petals. They are edible and have a range of benefits including anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antimicrobial properties for the body. Please be wary not to confuse Calendula officinalis with Marigold tagetes which are a different species of their own however cause confusion as the term “marigold” can be used interchangeably between the two.


Makes six cookies.

1 cup buckwheat flour

1 TBSP tapioca flour

2 TBSP flaxmeal

1 TSPN baking powder

1/4 cup dried calendula petals

1 large carrot, grated- roughly 1 cup

1 TBSP rice malt syrup- optional

1-2 TBSP turmeric chia powder*

1 cup almond milk

1 TBSP apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup organic walnuts, crushed + extra for topping

1. In a large mixing bowl, add the apple cider vinegar to the almond milk and set aside for five minutes before adding the grated carrots.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the “buttermilk” and combine.

3. Spoon the mixture onto a lined baking tray. This should yield about six cookies.

4. Top each cookie with a walnut.

5. Bake at 180C for 35 minutes. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy these healthy, vibrant and delicious cookies!

 Note that I have teaspoons in italic. Please do not substitute with tablespoons, unless you love the taste of turmeric. Alot.

✻ If you do not have buckwheat flour, I would recommend spelt flour if you’re not coeliac/ gluten-free.

Much love,

Di ♡

“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you may truly love.”- Rumi.

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