Homemade citrus all-purpose spray

Happy Sunday folks!

I have been making my own citrus all-purpose spray for a while and absolutely recommend it. This homemade all purpose spray is no-waste, economical and toxic-free. After all, many store-bought home cleaners (which often state they are “natural” are loaded with chemicals which in some way or form ends up being breathed into the body or absorbed! This homemade spray utilises the skin of the citrus fruit that I consume on a daily basis, meaning that I do not have to throw them away. I have been blessed to receive unlimited organic, homegrown lemons and limes from my parents as well as parent-in-laws this season for which I am grateful.

To make the all-purpose spray/cleaner, I simply save and throw the skin of the citrus fruit into a large glass jar of white vinegar. You honestly do not need a fancy vinegar for this recipe. I always have a giant glass jar filled with white vinegar on my benchtop which makes it handy to throw the offcuts in. Sometimes I even save the peels if I have an orange when I am out and about or at work.

When the jar is full, I keep it fermenting for approximately two weeks before straining it into another glass jar. You could save the citrus peels for the compost perhaps. I have a separate glass spray bottle which I pour the infused vinegar into halfway, before topping it with filtered water. Give it a little shake and voila,  its ready to be used. I have been using this to clean my bench tops, stovetops, ceramic bathroom sink and stainless steel kitchen sink with no issues. Its an excellent cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser for the fridge interior as well as the chopping board.


Another little tip for a sparkling stainless steel kitchen sink is to put the plug in and pour enough vinegar to cover the surface completely before sprinkling bicarbonate soda generously. Watch the joys of science as the mix bubbles and foams! Keep this soaking for at least two hours before using a dish scrubber (I use a wooden one personally) to clean. You should end up with a sparkling (almost new) sink.

Please do not use metal lids on the jars as the vinegar has corrosive properties. I use a beeswax wrap.

Happy [toxic-free] cleaning my friends!

With love,

Di ♡

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – J.K. Rowling

2 thoughts on “Homemade citrus all-purpose spray”

  1. Hi Diana,
    My friend and I are making this, and she is just cutting up the lemon with vinegar where I thought it’s just st the peel not the juicy bit. Will it matter either way?


    1. To be honest, even thought I generally squeezed the juice out of the citrus- I’d still add them to the jar. I don’t think it’d make a difference however not sure if she’s using the entire citrus still with juice though x


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