Baked chilli tempeh nourishbowl (VG, GF)

It is no secret that a majority of my lunch and dinners are some sort of nourish-bowl. You can see the ideal components of a nourish bowl here. This bowl is satisfying and warming during the cooler days thanks to the additional of dried chilli flakes in the baked tempeh and the fresh garlic and ginger in the sautéed kale. I have used my favourite lupin and wild red rice tempeh in this recipe which is soy-free and locally made.


Serves 2.

1 packet of tempeh of choice- try to use organic and non-GMO if possible

1 TBSP liquid coconut aminos

1 TBSP organic, good-quality sesame oil

Chilli flakes- amount to suit your taste

8 stalks of organic kale, leaves removed from the stems

2 organic carrots, cut into chunks

1-2 garlic clove

1 thumb of ginger

1/2 TBSP sesame oil/olive oil/ coconut oil/ water

One avocado, halved for each serve.

1/4 cup pepitas

Tahini, kimchi and fresh herbs to serve

  1. Cut the tempeh into rectangles and add to an oven-proof pan before drizzling with  sesame oil, coconut aminos and dried chilli flakes. Marinade for an hou
  2. r before baking for 30mins. Make sure you give it a little toss halfway through cooking!
  3. When the tempeh is almost ready, add the oil or water to a pan and sautéed the ginger and garlic briefly before adding the kale and cooking until your preference.
  4. Serve the tempeh and carrots on top of the kale and add toppings of choice.

This was such a delicious meal that was light but satisfying thanks to the protein and healthy fats used. If desired, you could add a grain of choice. There is no going wrong!


❉ Often, the stems of the kale are rough and hard to digest however young kale  stems are crunchy and delicious.

❉ You could substitute the tempeh with tofu

❉Utilise whatever greens you have such as broccoli, silverbeet or spinach.

Much love,

Di ♡

“Taking time to do nothing, often brings everything into perspective.” – Doe Zantamata

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