Turmeric cacao latte… with my kind of “superfoods”

As some of you are aware, I absolutely love my daily warm lattes which I prefer to call tonics. In the morning I usually enjoy a almond milk-based matcha latte and in the afternoons I have a organic-soy based turmeric cacao tonic loaded with reishi and chaga medicinal mushrooms.   I recently made my own turmeric cacao combination up which I mix with organic soy milk to make a frothy, hearty tonic. It warms the soul in so many aspects and I love it.

I’m sure we all ought to know by now about how wonderful turmeric is- being an excellent anti inflammatory and antioxidant. Turmeric along with the cinnamon, ground ginger and cardamom is so grounding and warming hence why I tend to utilise them more in the cooler months. Please note the recipe is dependent of the size of the jar you are using. I used a recycled amber, glass jar.

❂1/2 fill the jar with raw, organic cacao powder and 1/4 turmeric powder.

❂Add one tablespoon organic cinnamon powder, half a teaspoon cardamon powder, one teaspoon ginger powder, half teaspoon black pepper and half a teaspoon of cayenne powder (optional).

❂Add one tablespoon each reishi, chaga powder and maca powder. These are all optional however I definitely notice a difference when I do not have these powders.

❂Place the lid on and give the jar a thorough shake to ensure the ingredients are blended in well together.

To make the tonic, add one teaspoon of the cacao turmeric mix, a drop of vanilla extract and one cup of plantbased milk either to a saucepan to warm or a milk frother. I have an electric drink mixer that froths the milk to perfection. If using the saucepan, ensure the powder is well mixed by whisking it often when simmering.

I also add two drops of Wild Orange essential oil to the tonic and it is so uplifting and energising especially in the afternoons.



✺ I have used both Bonsoy organic soy milk and Pureharvest activated almond milk for this tonic and prefer the texture and creaminess of soy. It is also much higher in protein than the other plantbased milk counterparts which is ideal for the mid-afternoon slump. There are conflicting studies that indiciate the pros and cons of consuming soy however it is not my position to suggest what is right or wrong for your diet and lifestyle. What I can recommend is to ensure the product is organic aka NON-GMO.

✺I do not add sweetener to my drinks however rice malt syrup or coconut sugar would be best in this tonic.

✺ Click here  for the brand that I purchase my tonic powders from. *not sponsored

Love and light,

Di ♡

“Now and then, it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” – Guillaume Apollinaire

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