Homemade natural body moisturiser

For many years before I transitioned into a natural, organic and more sustainable lifestyle I had been using many commercial products that were not only toxic to my body but often expensive too. Making my own moisturiser has been one of the best DIY choices I have made and not only does my skin love me for it but I am saving money! Using sustainable, economical, natural and cruelty-free products especially if I make it myself is so therapeutic and satisfying.

This is my go-to recipe for my body moisturiser which I apply after a [usually-overly-hot] shower. You could use just organic coconut oil however since adding shea butter and apricot kernel oil, my skin feels a little more nourished and moisturised. I add essential oils to this moisturiser blend and it usually alternates between lavender, geranium, Salubelle®, frankincense, Zendocrine® and Citrus Bliss®. Choose whatever essential oil and its benefits you desire at the time.

To make a batch of moisturiser to last approximately over a fortnight (I make a small batch so I can alternate between scents)you require;

1/2 cup of coconut oil (more if you lack the other moisturiser components)

1/4 cup shea butter

1/4 cup sweet almond oil

5-6 drops essential oil of choice- I am currently loving lavender and geranium

-Add the ingredients in a glass jar where you can easily access the moisturiser.

-Place the jar in a bowl of hot water and let them melt. Mix together well and let it cool.

✻Lavender essential oil is a well known essential oil that has antiseptic, analgesic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, carminative and sedating properties. You can apply a few drops in a diffuser, bath, massage oil, lotions or creams for its calming and balancing properties. I usually apply some on my pulse points (or soles of the feet) before bed for a restful sleep.

✻Geranium essential oil is a delightful, fresh and floral oil that assists in receiving stress, mild depression, PMS, anxiety and tension. Please note that it should be avoided in pregnancy.

See how simple it is?


✻ This is not a sponsored post! Doterra was the brand of choice when I was completing my aromatherapy diploma.

✻Please be aware of any potential allergies and medical issues whereby certain essential oils should be avoided.

✻In the cooler months, the moisturiser does solidify. This is normal and I find that it easily melts when I scrape the moisturiser with the back of my nails and rubbing it between my hands. In the warmer months, the moisturiser liquifies which makes it easier to use.

Much love,

Di ♡

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou

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