Lemon, roast cauliflower, pumpkin & chickpea fettuccine (VG, GF)

The misconception that carbs are “bad” and should be avoided is rather disheartening in an era where eating disorders are abundant amongst many individuals in society. I am not going to deny the fact that I once too, feared the consumption of carbohydrates. Carbs are essential in a balanced diet as it is required not only as an energy source but it is also required in many metabolic pathways within the body. It is essential as an energy source for the brain in particular.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) for Australia and New Zealand recommend 45-65% of our total energy intake to be from carbohydrates for optimal health and wellbeing. The rest of the dietary intake should comprise of protein and healthy fats. Of course it is not recommended to enjoy refined carbohydrates ie. cakes, lollies, doughnuts, processed sugars, soft drinks etc! When I talk about incorporating a healthy dose of carbs, I am talking wholesome grains, legumes, fruit and vegetables which also provide resistant starch and fibre for a healthy GI tract.

This dish incorporates a healthy dose of wholegrains from the wholewheat fettuccine (can easily be subbed for GF if desired), protein from the chickpeas and a healthy dose of monounsaturated fats from good quality olive oil. It is a filling and satisfying dish however you don’t feel sluggish and “blergh” afterwards. If you make this dish, let me know!



Serves 2-4

Half a red onion, sliced

2-3 cloves garlic, sliced finely

2 TBSP baby capers in brine, drained

2 TBSP good quality olive oil

Juice of one lemon*

Zest of one lemon*

1/4 cup white wine (optional)s

One head of cauliflower, cut into florets- an entire one isn’t required however comes in handy for leftover lunches

Half a butternut pumpkin, chopped

1.5 cups chickpeas

Wholewheat fettuccine pasta- amount depends on your serving size

Nutritional yeast to serve

Herbs of choice to serve

  1. Roast the cauliflower, pumpkin and chickpeas with a little olive oil if desired and season with salt and pepper. This entire tray took 40mins at 180C.
  2. Cook the pasta as per packet instructions.
  3. Fry off the onion, garlic, capers in olive oil on moderate heat until softened. Do not burn the garlic!
  4. Add the lemon juice.
  5. Reserve 1/2 cup of pasta cooking liquid before draining the pasta.
  6. Add the pasta to the sauce, along with the cooking liquid.
  7. Take off the heat and toss through the roasted vegetables. Top with nutritional yeast and fresh herbs- I used nasturtium, basil and rocket from the garden.
  8. Serve warm and enjoy!



❃Although a great majority of the ingredients I cook with are organic, I always ensure my lemons are too if I am using the zest. Ive been blessed with an abundance of home-grown citrus this Autumn!

❃As mentioned earlier, the wholewheat fettuccine can be substituted with gluten free or other varieties of pasta. You could up the vege factor and add zoodles (spiralised zucchini) too!

❃ The alcohol in the white wine is cooked off and you are left with a subtle flavour however this can be left out and replaced with a little more pasta water or a little extra olive oil.

Positive vibes to you all,

Di ♡

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