My name is Diana and I currently live in a regional country town in Western Australia with my husband, golden retriever and great dane. I have been a registered nurse for eight years and recently completed an aromatherapy diploma. Currently, I am completing a BHSc. in Naturopathy at Endeavour College and am loving it! I have wanted to study a form of natural/alternative medicine for a long time but always made excuses about time, efforts and worthiness- not necessarily of commitment to the study but the worthiness of myself and whether I would be good enough…

I believe in a balance between the mind, body and soul and in my spare time I enjoy gardening, cooking, reading, yoga and simply grounding myself amongst the plant kingdom. I talk to my plants. I smile at strangers. I believe in the metaphysical. I believe that what goes around, comes around (so be kind and compassionate!). Over the past year or so, I have transitioned from a fast-paced, relatively social lifestyle to a quiet and humble lifestyle and prefer to be in my own company doing what I love.

My love for a natural and holistic lifestyle started in 2013 when I started having hormonal issues. After starting a one month vegan “challenge” I realised how easy it is to maintain a plant based lifestyle and fast forward almost three years… here I still am! I started my Instagram platform (@momentsofdi_) to post my easy and nourishing recipes and to show how easy it is to create delicious food without restriction. However, what a lot of you do not know is that I suffered from disordered eating for many years and occasionally still see myself fall into that dark circle of guilt, deprivation and obsession. I am fortunate enough to get myself out of that negative thinking and behaviour though. After all food is NOURISHMENT and should not be a form of punishment (or reward!).

On this blog, I aim to create content that interacts between @momentsofdi_ as well as the sister account @querencia_naturopathy which is my “other” world of DIY remedies, aromatherapy, crystals, nature, yoga and my IVF journey.

❃ Please note, I am not a certified nutritionist/dietician however all the information I provide is have I learnt during my studies from reputable sources.


All my love and light to you all,

Di ♡

Believe you can and you’re halfway there – Theodore Roosevelt

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