Easy plum compote (GF)

Good evening lovely people! I hope you have all been healthy and well and enjoying the seasonal transitions wherever you are in this large, large world. Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons so I am beyond delighted for the cooler days to have finally kicked in- my vegetable garden also appreciates it! I am here tonight to let you know of this simple recipe for a healthy and delicious plum compote.

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Fig, tahini and buckwheat muffins (GF)

Good evening my friends. Apologies for the absence as I have been rather busy in life! A combination of work, study and leisure to be honest. I have still been busy in the kitchen cooking and baking including these fig, tahini and buckwheat muffins which have been perfect for a little Autumnal snack for the 3pm afternoon slump.

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Sweet potato and lentil bake with cashew and rosemary cream (GF, soy-free)

Good afternoon from sunshine Australia! …. whereby I’m probably the only person who much prefers to be in the other hemisphere where it’s snowing and cold. And where it’d be perfect to have a big, delicious tray of this golden sweet potato and lentil bake to warm my heart and soul. If you’re suffering in the middle of the desert like I am, don’t worry- praise the gods for good air-conditioning!

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Creamy garlic pasta (without the cashews!) (GFO)

It’s hard to believe that I used to literally fear the thought of having a mouthful of pasta let alone a plate of it and boy, am I glad I snapped myself out of it! Carbohydrates… any food in general, should not be feared however in this current day and age where there is always a [food] trend to partake, it’s hard to know what is worthwhile.

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4- ingredient chocolate mint tart (GF)

Good afternoon (or morning, depending on which hemisphere of the world you are located at ☺) everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. I though I would share this ridiculously easy chocolate- mint tart that I made recently for dessert. Christmas came early for me this year when I was generously sent a basket of goodies from Unique Health Products that coincidentally included one of my favourite chocolates ever!  I decided to use the mint and cacao nib flavour in this tart. Although there are some strange (joking!) people out there who dislike the chocolate mint combination, this tart is so easily adaptable so long as you use a good-quality chocolate.  Continue reading “4- ingredient chocolate mint tart (GF)”

Hummus stuffed mushrooms (GF)

My oh my, the weather is slowly but surely warming up. I cannot believe that it is four more sleeps until Christmas! Hubby and I are keeping it low-key this year as I live so far away from my family and his parents are going away. I recently made these stuffed portobello mushrooms with homemade hummus and they were so delicious so I thought I would post them on the blog to share.

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